What is decentralized storage?


Begin to seek ways to decentralize data storage.

Decentralized storage can distribute data to multiple network nodes, similar to the distributed ledger technology of blockchain. Storage providers (hosts) store customer data based on the agreement and regularly prove that they can continue to provide storage services until the agreement expires.

The host can be rewarded by submitting the proof, but the lost proof will be punished accordingly. These proofs are public and auditable on the blockchain. The network automatically guarantees the consistency of the storage contract, which means that the customer does not need to verify According to the contract, they only need to upload the data, and leave the rest to the network; users can also rent out the storage space of their computer hard drives, and at the same time they will get a certain token as a reward, while those who own the token can rent other users’ Hard disk storage space, based on the decentralized characteristics of blockchain technology, these users from all over the world can form their free hard disk space into a decentralized network, and these free hard disk space becomes a decentralized network Node. The data will be cut into small pieces, encrypted, and stored in many nodes.

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